Kathleen Corbet, Trustee: Fueling Current Research Through Life Insurance

Kathleen Corbet, and her family

A longtime supporter of JAX, Kathleen Corbet, pictured with her family, decided to amplify her impact with a gift for the future.

I have been a Trustee of The Jackson Laboratory (JAX) for over a decade, and it's important to me to champion the organization in every way I can. That's why I decided to add planned gifts to the ways in which I support the Laboratory. I had already been making annual gifts to JAX as well as some larger restricted gifts, and I found that planned gifts were a perfect opportunity to further amplify my support for JAX's innovative research.

In my case, I transferred a paid-up whole life insurance policy to JAX. Since our children are now adults, my husband, Randy, and I now have less need for life insurance, and transferring ownership of the policy — which JAX was then able to cash out — resulted in an immediate benefit to the Laboratory, providing additional funding to fuel scientific discovery. I've also named JAX as a beneficiary of an IRA, ensuring that my support for the Laboratory's mission will be part of my legacy in the future.

These are just two of the many planned giving options available, and I'd encourage people interested in maximizing the impact of their philanthropy to contact the JAX planned giving staff to find the option that's right for them.

—Kathleen Corbet