William Rudolf: Family Connection Leads to JAX Gift

The Rudolfs

Edith and Bill Rudolf

For more than 45 years my family has been involved with The Jackson Laboratory! Our connection to the Lab began when both of our children participated in its outstanding Summer Student Program. I had the privilege to serve on the Board of Trustees for almost 20 years. Several of our grandchildren have worked at the Laboratory as well.

The Jackson Laboratory is an essential part of the "genetic revolution" taking place today. Philanthropy toward JAX is the best possible investment for promoting human health for many reasons:

  • The cutting-edge genetic research conducted every day at the Laboratory;
  • The data produced by the Laboratory, which is shared globally as an open source network of scientific information;
  • The next generation of geneticists, which JAX is educating through a collaborative and innovative education model, and finally,
  • The 10,000 strains of mouse models that the Laboratory supplies across the world for research into human health.
The Rudolf family

Left to Right: Bill and Edith's son-in-law and daughter, Tom and Margaret Coffey, and their grandchildren Nathaniel, Max, Eliot, Calvin and Alex

"I will continue to support JAX beyond my lifetime by joining the Society for Discovery and including it in my will. I have also established a charitable gift annuity and am supplementing my income in this manner. This research is truly important, and my family and I are proud to be a part of it."

— Bill Rudolf

Contact The Jackson Laboratory at planmygift@jax.org or 1-800-474-9880 to learn the many ways you can make an impact on research by including a gift to JAX in my estate plan.