Patricia Albano-Goulette: An Enduring Commitment to Saving Lives

Pat and Richard with their dog

Pat, pictured with husband Richard and their golden retriever, left a legacy that will continue to support research at The Jackson Laboratory for years to come.

While enjoying their retirement in Colorado, Patricia Albano-Goulette and her husband, Richard, volunteered their time to help save lives, often with their loyal golden retrievers. With their search‑and-rescue dogs, they responded when avalanches buried skiers, and they aided rafters lost in whitewater on the Colorado River.

Pat lived a life with purpose. When she was diagnosed with cancer, she became a student of her own disease and discovered The Jackson Laboratory and the work of its scientists in pursuing precise genomic cancer therapies. Her husband's Alzheimer's diagnosis added more urgency to her quest for treatments.

Over the last seven years, Pat's appreciation and support for the Laboratory grew. As an estate attorney, she understood the power of philanthropy and planned giving in creating a legacy of support for future generations affected by cancer and Alzheimer's disease.

As a member of The Society for Discovery, she established multiple charitable gift annuities that gave her life income and ultimately benefited the Laboratory. She also named The Jackson Laboratory as a beneficiary in her will. Sadly, Pat passed away in May 2017. Her final, generous gift to the Laboratory will help scientists find therapies and cures for cancer and Alzheimer's disease in hopes of saving more lives.

If you, like Pat, would like to support JAX after your lifetime, please contact The Jackson Laboratory at 1-800-474-9880 or to start planning your legacy.