Deborah M. Shlian, M.D. JAX '67: Why I Give Back to Young Scientists

Deborah and Joel Shlian

Deborah and Joel Shlian continue to give back by mentoring students like Alex Thele '17—Summer Student Program (middle).

As a college junior in 1967, I participated in The Jackson Laboratory's Summer Student Program in Bar Harbor, working on a research project with the support of a renowned scientist. That experience reinforced my passion for science and my goal to become a medical doctor.

As family physicians, my husband and I have tried to combine clinical practice with clinical research and teaching. Now in retirement, we continue to mentor young people like Alex Thele who has just graduated from the 2017 Summer Student Program. It is exciting to watch the next generation advance scientific knowledge.

My husband and I recognize that true understanding of the genetic basis of human disease can only be achieved through collaborative efforts of bench and clinical researchers. The Jackson Laboratory embodies that philosophy, which is why we are supporting its mission in our estate.

—Deborah M. Shlian