Carolyn Hansen Montgomery, JAX '55-56: A Legacy of Lifelong Learning

Carolyn Hansen Montgomery with family members

Carolyn Hansen Montgomery, an alumna of the JAX Summer Student Program, recently visited the JAX Center for Genomic Medicine with her husband, Bob. The Mongtomerys’ three daughters and seven grandchildren joined them for a tour of the Lab, a visit with JAX scientists, and a day of fun DNA experiments!

A radio talk show host recently asked his audience what they considered their "best year." My choice matched the sample—most of us remember being 17, our senior year, big decisions about which college to attend, that big leap into the adult world when those forbidden temptations would become legal.

For those of us fortunate enough to spend that summer at Highseas, that grand old cottage perched on a cliff over the Atlantic, with 25 contemporaries engaged with challenging experimental situations, it was a defining experience.

I am committed to doing what I can to support educational programs at JAX so 17-year-olds (and others) can enjoy the stimulation, encouragement, and growth opportunities these research opportunities offer. My hope is you catch the spirit as well.
– Carolyn Hansen Montgomery, JAX ’55-56

Now, 60-some years later, I appreciate even more the unique opportunity to test my independent wings and appreciate what a research environment is really like. I can also see where some of our rudimentary studies contributed to the evolution of in-vitro fertilization and species preservation.

If you’ve caught the giving spirit from Carolyn, please let us know. Reach out to The Jackson Laboratory at or 1-800-474-9880 to discuss the many giving options available.