Meet Our Donors

Dr. Ann Hirschhorn: Gifts Make a Difference at JAX

Dr. Ann Hirschhorn

Dr. Ann Hirschhorn's lifelong relationship with JAX not only paved the way for her own success, but will pave the way for many others thanks to her legacy gift.
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Chris and Kathleen Koch: A Passion For Collecting, A Passion For Giving

Chris and Kathleen Koch

We first came upon The Jackson Laboratory while we were in the planning stages of hosting a group of motor coach enthusiasts. As "Rally Masters," we were charged with providing an interesting agenda for our attendees during their first stay in Bar Harbor, Maine.
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Pamela Brown, M.D, Ph.D. JAX '71: Supporting the Summer Student Program at JAX

Summer Student Program Group Photo

The Jackson Laboratory Summer Student Program introduced Pamela Brown to the strict organization and dedication needed to pursue a career in basic research.
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Carolyn Hansen Montgomery, JAX '55-56: A Legacy of Lifelong Learning

Carolyn Hansen Montgomery

"Some 60 years ago I spent my summer at a grand old cottage at Highseas, and to this day I still appreciate the independence the experience taught me."
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Dr. Leslie and Rainey Norins: A Sound Investment in the Future

Dr. Leslie and Rainey Norins

My acquaintance with The Jackson Lab began in a rather unusual way. After graduating Duke Medical School in 1962, I had received a postdoctoral fellowship from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to study immunology in Melbourne, Australia with Sir Macfarlane Burnet, Nobel Laureate, at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research.
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William Rudolf: Family Connection Leads to JAX Gift

William Rudolf

For more than 45 years my family has been involved with The Jackson Laboratory! Our connection to the Lab began when both of our children participated in its outstanding Summer Student Program.
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Janet Brand: Making an Impact on the Future

Janet Brand

My introduction to The Jackson Laboratory came through a Verrill Dana luncheon. What an exciting and enthusiastic group of researchers! I found stimulating scientists who would speak with such enthusiasm about their specialties. Their talks were very enlightening and understandable.
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Jean R. Bybee '68: Celebrates Her 50th Anniversary as a JAX Summer Student

Jean Bybee

Fifty years ago, I was selected for one of the coveted positions in the College Student Summer Program. There were 450 applicants at that time. It was my lifetime dream to be a tiny part of the cancer and genetics research at The Jackson Laboratory.
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Kathleen Corbet, Trustee: Fueling Current Research Through Life Insurance

Kathleen Corbet

I have been a Trustee of The Jackson Laboratory (JAX) for over a decade, and it's important to me to champion the organization in every way I can. That's why I decided to add planned gifts to the ways in which I support the Laboratory.
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Deborah M. Shlian, M.D. JAX '67: Why I Give Back to Young Scientists

Deborah M. Shlian

As a college junior in 1967, I participated in The Jackson Laboratory's Summer Student Program in Bar Harbor, working on a research project with the support of a renowned scientist.
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Patricia Albano-Goulette: An Enduring Commitment to Saving Lives

Patricia Albano-Goulette

While enjoying their retirement in Colorado, Patricia Albano-Goulette and her husband, Richard, volunteered their time to help save lives, often with their loyal golden retrievers.
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Bill Stieritz: Son of Mary Stieritz, Gift Annuitant

Bill Stieritz

Bill Stieritz is thankful for The Jackson Laboratory and the impact on his mom.
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Bill Harwood Shares His Love of JAX

Bill Harwood

For the past 40 years, Bill Harwood has been inspired by what The Jackson Laboratory has contributed to science and decided to give back in return.
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A Life and Legacy of Purpose: Gail Gutradt's Story

Gail Gutradt

Where there is a will there is a way. Gail Gutradt believed this until the moment she passed away from cancer in February 2016. Even then, she chose to leave a legacy that would benefit people she will never meet.
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